Terms and Condtions

Claires Cakery requires at least two weeks notice for any celebration, carved, wedding cake and or cupcakes, however i will take on last minute orders subject of availability.
Any cake ordered from a picture or photograph by another cake maker can only be reproduced from my interpretation and will not be an exact replica of the cake, however I will try our very best.


Claire's Cakery  requires a 50% non refundable deposit on all cakes on the date of placing your order which is then deducted from your final balance of the cake,  the final balance is then due 1 week before the date of the collection of your cake. Once the final payment has been received no further alterations or amendments can be made to your cake. Once the final balance has been received I can then make a start on your cake. 


Claire's Cakery will make every effort to accommodate all amendments and or alterations to your order. Any alterations or amendments must be given in writing before the date of the final balance. If these alterations or amendments change the cost of your order the balance will be changed accordingly. Any alterations or amendments that are made to your cake after the last payment are chargeable.


No refunds will be given for any reason after the last payment has been received. 


In the case of cancellations you may be charged for the work that has already been completed.

Cake Stand Hire

Claire's Cakery does not provide a stand with your order unless specifically asked for one, regardless of an image you may have sent over.
Every Stand hired out to customers comes at and extra cost as well as taking a deposit for the stand in case lose or damage of equipment happens on hire. Once the stand has been returned to my premises in the condition it was hired out in, then you will receive you deposit back.